The Seven Powers of Biodanza

……..By Christos Daskalakos

Biodanza is more than dance. They manner in which it differs from most other dance forms is that it does not focus so much on what the outside looks like – the steps, the choreography or the performance. According to Rolando Toro Araneda, the creator of Biodanza, it addresses the totality of the human being. It is more than just exercises – it is a re-education in love, connection with humanity and deepening the experience of life. 

The dances emerge as an expression from within. The moment when a dance emerges other than from our cognitive self is called a Vivencia. It is a deeply felt kinaesthetic experience which takes place in totality in the here and now.

Biodanza is based on sound scientific principles of human sciences and has a therapeutic and transformative power. Rolando Toro attributes the positive effects of Biodanza to a number of positive eco-factors in the class which he calls the Seven Powers of Biodanza. The interrelationship of these Seven Powers which is based on the theoretical model of Biodanza has an extraordinary impact which is a result of the specific way they are used and combined to produce a Vivencia.

The Seven Power of Biodanza are:

  • The Power of Music
  • The Power of Integrating Dances
  • The Power of the Vivencia
  • The Power of Contact and Caress
  • The Power of Trance
  • The Power of Expanding Consciousness
  • The Power of the Group

Each has a transformative effect and if linked to each other, following a scientific theoretical model, they constitute eco-factors with extraordinary effects, able to have an influence on genetic programming lines – the Five Lines of Human Potential.