Dancing your magnificence

The power of Biodanza to rewrite our stories

          ……………..By Christos Daskalakos

 “When the music changes so does the dance” - African proverb

How true if we use this as a metaphor for life.  The music that we hear is the incessant little voice in our heads which sometimes is stuck in old belief patterns laid down so long ago we are not even aware of them.  Our mind and body are so connected that these patterns manifest themselves in our body shapes according to Stanley Keleman (Emotional Anatomy) and in our movement patterns which in extreme situations can mean we literally freeze up and display little or no movement.

If our movements and body shape are a product of old beliefs and patterns of the mind then surely we can change that by ‘changing our mind’ – changing the music!  Easier said than done!  So much of the history that has landed on our body is so old that we are sometimes not even aware of it.  It would have also been integrated through an intense experience that involved physical, emotional and mental spheres.  In order to change the patterns we need to enter an equally intense experience and write a new story, change the internal music of the soul.


The Biodanza Vivencia, (vivencia= Spanish for experience) is created so that it extends beyond any mechanical physical dance which we may engage in as a fall back pattern.  It challenges us to connect not only with emotion and feeling but no less the cosmos itself.  The story Biodanza would like to imprint on the mind is that we are nothing less than ‘Sacred’ because we are part of Cosmic Life.  From an experience like that which would be the ultimate Vivencia – how could we ever allow the old stories to keep us small?  We owe it to ourselves to dance our magnificence!