Sometimes our dance movements come from such depths that we experience a state of mystery.  This usually occurs when an untransformed primal affect is touched – we may then feel spaced out or in an altered state.  In Biodanza we aim to dance into these states by inducing the deepest levels of affects which inevitably are connected to preverbal ‘infantile’ processes.  These we call Protovivencias.

Protovivencias have their origins from different aspects of the psyche and there are three sources for connecting with these.  Firstly we can work from the personal unconscious and allow the personal history of the dancer to guide the way.  The dances we use will reflect five aspects of human development, vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence.  The healing aspect of these dances is to connect with the primal instinct for each of these aspects so as to transform those that have remained undeveloped or distorted.  These have a healing function.

Secondly we can access protovivencias through myth and archetype.  These dances access the collective unconscious and the patterns of life that find their expression in each of us. These dances are about connection with something outside of us.

Thirdly we can connect with the primordial unconscious which has a transcendent and metaphysical component.  These dances have an existential component which both reinforces but also dissolved the ego.  We are able to experience ourselves as ourselves but at the same time experience ourselves as everything cosmic.


Although each of our dances have elements that are personal, cultural and primordial the vivencias that emerge through the body are so immediate that it seems helpful and useful to be aware from which source it is created.  This does not take place in the dance where the experience, or vivencia, is paramount.  Rather this takes place on reflection and integration of the vivencia at a different time.  Built into the methodology of Biodanza is the verbal vivencia, a time before each class when Biodanceros can share these insights and experiences from the previous week.  Here we can start to enter that mystery of dance.

~Christos Daskalakos