Our body sits at the intersection of two worlds.  Looking outward is the rational everyday world that we negotiate minute by minute in order to survive and make sense of our lives.  It is a world of reduction. Our senses filter out everything that is not necessary for our immediate survival and so narrow down our experience.  In addition to filtering our perception through our sense, we also have learnt how to control and limit our connection to emotions and feelings.  The outcome of this narrow experience of the world is that we not only separate ourselves from each other but tragically, also from our self. 

The inner world is also connected to our senses but here they operate below the surface of consciousness.  This means that irrespective of the state of our consciousness at some level we are continually downloading information about the world.  There is a part of us that is seeing the world, taking it in and making sense of it through patterns images and tacit knowledge. 

This inner world guides and influences how we perceive ourselves, how we relate to others and how we act in our everyday world.  We are not conscious of this influence and when we sometimes become aware of it, we call this body-wisdom.  It is no accident that the shamanic traditions around the world have used dance to access this wisdom.  With dance we shift our attention from the everyday normal mode of thinking and being and enter into what Arnold Mindell calls the dreambody.  This is the place where we can access all that lies beneath consciousness.  It is a vast reservoir of knowledge which when we allow to permeate the interface of these two worlds into consciousness, gives us gifts through insight, intuition and somatic knowing. 

When we do not have access to our inner world we are blindly led by it both in positive and negative ways.  Our sub-conscious beliefs and feelings can be both expansive and contractive.  By becoming aware of the inner world we are open to a lot more potentials for experience.  We start to become active in creating our own lives and we start to take responsibility for them.  Life is not something that happens TO us.  Life is something we create. 

To dance is to connect to our inner world.  To dance is to become aware of feelings and emotions.  To dance is to experience our creativity.  To dance is to experience agency.  To dance is to connect with our life deeply and expansively.  To dance is to enrich our experiences.  To dance is to live powerfully.  To dance is to live magnificently.

 -       Christos Daskalakos