Christos Daskalakos began dancing with Moving Into Dance (1978-1990). Currently, a Didactic Biodanza facilitator, trained in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Italy, his passion for dance and personal development over the last 35 years has led him to explore its expressive and therapeutic potential which he brings into his regular Biodanza groups and workshops. He is a practising architect and lecturer at WITS and having completed a Psychology degree is currently doing further research on therapeutic dance.

His keen interest in indigenous spirituality has led him to explore ways to integrate this into his classes and workshops, especially in water, which he sees as a very direct experience of altered states of consciousness.

Christos DaskalakosChristos DaskalakosChristos Daskalakos

"Our physicality has been created with express purpose and perfection as one of the ways in which we can explore our true self and come to experience our magnificence and power."